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March 15, 2004


  • Capitol Buildings are live. Read more about them here.
  • Core Combat Enhancements are also live. Check them out here.
  • If a Cavern is locked, then any friendly surface Facilities connected to that cavern (via the Lattice through the Geowarps will act as if it had all six modules installed.
  • Hand-held Ancient Technology weapons now have "recharge capacitor units" (Ancient Tech "ammo") that you can buy at AT Equipment Terminals or at facilities with the Equipment Module benefit.
  • Phalanx Wall Turrets now have a great upward pivot, allowing them to more easily targeting incoming aircraft.
  • Certification Terminals can now be destroyed.
  • Double-clicking on a Warpgate will now zoom to its linked continent.
  • Hand Grenades will now come in clips of three, though they will require the same amount of inventory space as before. i.e. A clip of three grenades will take up the 2x2 inventory space that a single grenade consumed before.
  • TR Burster will only do direct damage to non-aircraft targets. It will no longer inflict splash damage on infantry and ground vehicles.
  • A glow effect and a laser sight effect have been added to the Decimator.
  • The Lasher will no longer lash within 5m of the shooter.
  • The Lasher will no longer lash through walls.
  • The Cone of Fire on the TR Dual Cycler has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Targeting will now show the status of enemy Flails beyond 15 meters.
  • Damage Decals will no longer show up on water.
  • Scorch decals on a door will not remain stationary when a door opens.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause players to lose Outfit Points.
  • Outfits can invite players with a -J or -K appended to their name through the Outfit Window.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created characters could not receive send or receive /Tell messages or be added to Friends List.
  • Teleporting through Router Telepad will no longer cause Darklight to appear with normal field of vision.
  • Energy weapons will leave a damage decal on surfaces again.
  • Wall Turrets that are destroyed and repaired will display the proper textures.
  • Drivers will no longer spawn in a Vehicle with only 1 shot remaining in the vehicle's weapon clip.
  • Manual binds will no longer remain after deleting character and creating another.
  • Fixed an issue where an avatar could remain in the world after being disconnected.