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Medical Bay
Medical Bay

Lockers are personal storage locations within every Facility. It functions similar to a backpack inventory and is 26 x 16 units in size.

Using Lockers

Lockers cannot be destroyed.

Placing an item in a locker will allow retrieval of that item at any other locker, with some limitations.

Accessing Contents

To access a Locker, approach and press the "G" key (by default). This will open up the Locker window, as well as your Inventory window. You may then click and drag an item either from your Inventory to the Locker, or vice versa. If you want to take something out of the Locker, right clicking it will immediatly place it into your Inventory as well.

Friendly Facilities

Lockers can always be accessed in a Friendly Facility, no matter the Facility's condition, this means you can use Lockers even when the Facility is hacked, or when its generator is down.

Enemy and Neutral Facilities

Lockers in Enemy or Neutral Facilities can be hacked if you have the basic Hacking certification. Note however that the Facility's generator must be online, if it is destroyed than you cannot use the Lockers.

It is not possible to steal things from someone else's Locker.


Lockers are located in the Spawn Room of all bases and towers, the Barracks in each facility (excluding Bio Laboratories), the Medical Bay, Research Room, and certification/Implant room of Bio Labs, and the Observation Deck of the HART building in each Empire's Sanctuary.

There are no Lockers in the Caverns.

Common uses

Despite equipment being readily available from any Equipment terminal, Lockers are still useful for storing looted enemy equipment and ammo, equipping yourself when the Facility is hacked or when the Facility's generator is destroyed, or for Infiltration resupply (Enemy Lockers are less conspicious to hack than enemy Equipment Terminals).