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There were once ten continents on a single planet named Auraxis, but after The Bending, these continents were pushed through dimensional rifts outward into the galaxy to ten unique planets. These planets, and their continents, remain connected to one another through the Galactic Lattice.

Capturing these planets is the main objective of the Auraxian Civil War. There are two types, Home Planets and Neutral Planets. Each type of planet provides an Empire Benefit should a faction manage to capture it.

Each continent, and the planet it is located on, can be reached by traveling through a continent's warpgates or broadcast warpgates, or via the HART Shuttle system located in each Empire's Sanctuary. It can also be reached by selecting Instant Action from your Esc Menu.

Each Planet and its status can be viewed from the Interstellar Map.

Home Planets

Neutral Planets

The words Planet and Continent are sometimes interchangable.