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Type Bomber
Role Supression/Target Bombing
Certification Required Air Support
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon Bombs
Secondary Weapon 35mm Chaingun
Tertiary Weapon 25mm Chaingun
Ammunition Used Liberator and Vulture Bombs, 35mm Chaingun Bullets, and Liberator and Vulture Tailgun Bullets
Occupants 3 (Pilot, Bomber and Tailgunner)
Handling Average
Top speed 89 kph


The Liberator bomber, often called simply a "Lib" or "Libby," is crewed by three soldiers: the pilot, the bombardier, and the tailgunner.

The pilot has a 35mm cannon that may be suitable for attacking ground targets, and the tailgunner possesses a pivoting 25mm machine gun that is normally used to fend off aerial attacks from the rear. The gun however is positioned such that the tail of the craft restricts its vertical arc of fire considerably.

The bombardier is capable of firing payloads of two different bomb types: the tankbuster, which travels to the surface as a single bomb and creates a fairly concentrated zone of damage that is suitable for damaging vehicular targets, and the cluster bomb, which separates into nine smaller 'bomblets' at a predetermined altitude, creating a larger zone of damage suitable for attacking groups of infantry.

However, the bombardier may only launch bombs when the Liberator is flying level and at a safe altitude.

A skilled bombardier may be capable of landing an entire magazine of ten bombs on a single point, depending on flight trajectory. By slewing his or her view forward or aft, the release path of the bombs is altered.

The Liberator requires a Technology Plant lattice link or Sanctuary vehicle pad in order to be purchasable.

Apparent namesake: Consolidated B-24 Liberator