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Oshur Prime

shower during a special Oshur Prime event
shower during a special Oshur Prime event

Oshur Prime

The name Oshur once belonged to an extremely rough desert continent consisting of the broken bones of an impact crater. The rough badlands and choppy terrain made it relatively easy to hide fairly large forces in what seemed to be plain view. A giant, unexplained avian skeleton lay fossilized on the continent, giving rise to lively discussions about the Ancient Vanu that were there before.

This single-mass continent is now most commonly referred to as "Oshur Prime."

The Bending: Battle Islands

When The Bending occurred, ripping apart our reality and spreading the Auraxian continents across a dozen worlds, Oshur was erased or torn asunder. In its place appeared 4 smaller landmasses we now call "The Battle Islands."

Technical Note

Oshur Prime still exists as a server cluster, however it is not normally accessible on the "live" servers. Occasionally Oshur will be opened up on the live server for fighting by a GM, made accessible via Instant Action. The battles last until every base runs out of NTU as there are no active warpgates for resupply.

Future of Oshur Prime

On 9-02-05 Zatozia said on the Official Forums:

"When we mentioned bringing Oshur back in the past, it was still in the idea phase. We are still planning on bringing back old Oshur but we have not set an exact date of when it will return though. We are currently working on features being put into version 3.9 release. We hope to work the plans for returning Oshur after 3.9 has been completed and pushed live. We will keep you updated on it when we can."

On 08 Aug 2006, Outfit Wars were announced, with Oshur Prime as their theatre of operations.


Amp Stations

  • Mithra

Bio Laboratories

  • Rashnu
  • Yazata
  • Zal

Dropship Centers

  • Atar
  • Hvar

Technology Plants

  • Dahaka
  • Izha
  • Jamshid