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NTU Siphon

Certification Required BattleFrame Robotics
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Extract/Deposit NTU
Secondary Mode EMP
Ammunition Internal Capacitor
Inventory Dimensions BFR Pilot Weapon
Magazine Capacity 150
Zoom None
Note 20 second cooldown between EMPs

NTU Siphon

The NTU Siphon is a BFR pilot weapon. While each empire has their own unique NTU Siphon model, they function identically.

The NTU Siphon has two modes. The first draws NTUs from active Warpgates or enemy NTU Silos. The Siphon can only drain a silo to 50% NTUs, although if anything is damaged in the base, the silo will show 40%. Attempting to drain a silo beyond this level will have no effect. You can also refill friendly NTU Silos in this mode, assuming you have filled your capacitor. Similar to an ANT, you will recieve BEP for filling friendly silos. For every 2 NTUs you siphon, only 1 unit can be put back into a friendly base. A BFR with two full siphons can fill a base to approximately 30%. A BFR can only use one NTU Siphon at a time, but can equip Siphons on both arms.

The second mode is the EMP mode. The Siphon must have at least 30 NTUs gathered in the primary mode to use as an EMP. When activated, an EMP is expelled (identical to one called by a CUD). An EMP can only be expelled every 20 seconds or so.

Jammer Grenades and EMP blasts will disable the NTU Siphon completely for a short time (unlike traditional BFR weapons that simply receive rate of fire penalties).

Uses for this weapon include draining enemy NTUs to drain the base quicker, using the EMP to clear mines, and using the EMP in conjuction with an Armor Siphon to attack enemy BFRs.