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Version 3.12.28 (Tuesday July 31, 2007)

An excerpt from a New Conglomerate intelligence report:

"...our infiltrators have returned from Forseral. They managed to steal blueprints from the Terran Republic. We don't know how the TR were able to design it, but it looks as if they are developing a method to cloak a flying transport vehicle. With the amount of energy required to keep a craft airborne, we thought it physically impossible to bend light enough to cloak it as well, but with these might work. The TR are calling it the "Phantasm".

Also among these blueprints is another looks similar to the Galaxy, and yet somehow different. It's more like a giant battleship than a transport craft. In the hands of the TR, this kind of firepower could be devastating. I do not doubt that the VS spies have also taken advantage of the recent leak in TR security; they probably have the designs as well. We must begin training our soldiers to use this equipment as soon as possible. Our engineers have already started production...we must finish before the opposing factions are able to use them against us.

The strangest thing about all of this is the fact that these blueprints were in TR possession. I would expect something like this from the Vanu Sovereignty, but the Terran Republic are narrow-minded fools that only think of suppression using our current technology. Also strange are these symbols found all over the blueprints; they are like nothing I've ever seen before. Shaped like 3 curved blades around a central hub with cyan coloring...what could it mean..."

Taken from a Vanu Sovereignty science report, only one day later:

"...don't understand. The entire lattice has shifted. Our home worlds, Esamir and Amerish, are gone, lost to the heathens that call themselves the New Conglomerate. And we find our own sanctuary linked to the homelands of our Terran repressors, Forseral and Ceryshen. We can only logically assume they have taken control of the former NC territories Solsar and Hossin.

This change in the lattice can sometimes be observed as a natural phenomenon of Auraxis. The Auraxian system clearly has a mind of its own and has been known to shift before, but is different this time. The readings are not the same. Information from our stellar cartography department shows that this time there has been some form of external tampering with the lattice!

We believed ourselves to be the most technologically advanced of the three factions, but after we were given the documents for these new flying aircraft...we must concede that there may be a faction with an even greater understanding than ours...but the Terran Republic? It is hard to believe. We have ruled out that they are capable of such a change, so it must be something else. Could this be related to the symbols on the blueprints? More research needs to be done.

Regardless, the fact remains that we now stand on unfamiliar ground. We can be reasonably sure that this is not the end of these strange occurrences. Something is coming. I can feel it..."

The Terran Republic technical reports are stating that the Phantasm and Gunship certifications can be purchased at local certification terminals however both vehicles are currently being manufactured and there it’s been found that some of the supply has gone unaccounted for. As of this report the supply will not meet demands but we have word that the vehicles will available for acquisition within the next week.

In addition, the Home Continents have changed.

The new Home Continents are: