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The Bombardier is the member of a combat aircraft crew who operates the bombsight and drops the bombs.

Both the Liberator and the Vulture bombers each have one bombardier seat in the middle of the aircraft.

The mount-points for this seat are just ahead of the wings on either side, marked as gunner seats.

The bombardier's normal view mode when airborne is a downward-facing bomb-scope, which shows a predicted impact reticle based on flight trajectory and bomb type. The bombardier is also able to make small adjustments to the bombs' trajectories by adjusting the drop reticle forward and backward along the ground track of the aircraft. Using this technique, skilled bombardiers can land an entire magazine on a single point.

In the Liberator, the bombardier has a secondary view mode, "bomber mode," allows him or her to swivel the camera in all directions below the aircraft for observation, but munitions cannot be dropped in this mode. The Vulture lacks this secondary mode.