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Empire Incentives

Empire Incentives are awarded and adjusted based upon continental/planetary population. They activate only when the empire with the highest population on the zone has at least 50 players.

For each zone, you have experience, spawn timer, and purchase timer bonuses. These only affect the current zone and are based on that zone's population levels. If the dominating empire does not have at least 50 players on the zone, no zone bonuses are given. So for example, if VS have 95% of the zone with 46 players and NC has 5% with 4 players, that single player doesn't get a bonus because VS only have 46 players, which is 4 short of 50!

If the dominating empire has over 50 players, then the bonus is calculated from a percentage level based on the ratio between the high empire and your empire. The percentage levels and bonuses are:

Fractional Imbalance [Experience]( Bonus [Respawn Timer]( Bonus Purchase Timer Bonus
0 - 25% 50% 50% 40%
26 - 50% 30% 35% 30%
51 - 85% 15% 20% 20%
86 - 100% 0% 0% 0%

The "Fractional Imbalance" = your empire / high empire. So if NC has 150 players, your TR empire has 90 players, and VS has anywhere under 150, you are 90/150 = 60%. You are in the region between 51% and 85%. That means you get 15% experience bonus, 20% faster respawn, and 20% faster purchase timers. This is only on your current zone though!

And remember, your world experience bonus is added. So in that example if your zone experience bonus is 15% and your world bonus is 50%, you actually get 65% more experience on that zone.

See also: Global Incentives.