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Advanced Nanite Transport

Type Utility
Role Resource Gathering
Certification Required None
Empire Common Pool
Primary Weapon -
Secondary Weapon -
Occupants 1 (Driver)
Handling Very Poor
Top speed 61 kph

Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT)

The Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) is used to resupply facilities with NTUs.

To do so, the driver must first drive into a Warpgate or Geowarp bubble and deploy the ANT. (Default key mapping is 'B'.) Note: If harvesting from a Geowarp, that Geowarp must be active at the time.

When the ANT's capacitors are full, it will automatically undeploy. The driver must travel to a facility and deploy the ANT near the NTU Silo. The ANT will undeploy automatically when the NTU Silo is full or the ANT's capacitors are empty.

One fully-filled ANT carries approximately 150% of one facility's total NTU capacity.

Caution: Fully-charged ANTs have a significant secondary blast radius when destroyed.