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's Gunner Variant
's Gunner Variant BFR

The Aphelion is the gunner variant of BattleFrame Robotics developed by the Vanu Sovereignty. While lacking the engagement range of the Colossus and Peregrine, the Aphelion can pack a punch if an enemy gets too close. Many players complain of getting "sea sick" in the gunner's pod, as it shakes more violently than the other empires' BFRs when running.

Gunner variants have, in addition the the pilot weapons, an extra gunner pod on their backs where a second soldier can mount a secondary gun mounted atop the BFR. They also have more armor and a faster shield regeneration then their flight counter parts giving them more of a "staying power."

The Flight Variant of the Aphelion is the Eclipse.

Pilot Weapons

The Pilot Weapons that the Aphelion can obtain are

The pilot has room for two such weapons at a time and can be two of the same weapon, or two different weapons.

Gunner Weapons

The gunner weapons available to the Aphelion are

Only one gunner weapon can be used at a time.


The currently-fielded unit named "Aphelion" varies from the pictured unit. When introduced, the two-man version of the VS battleframe was named the Orion. It was renamed "Aphelion" in patch 3.2.6, and the original one-man Aphelion retired from service.