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Sons of Vanu

Sons of Vanu plays on the Emerald server.

member of the United Vanu Alliance,

Sons of Vanu: A History, by Rahl

Late in the Beta testing of the game I was leading squads a lot. One night I had a particularly awesome squad. We just clicked and had a great time. We started an outfit and had a ton of fun. When the game released we all met up again on day one and started our outfit. A few of those guys are still around. We have grown into one of the larger outfits and one of the higher point-ranked outfits. Many of our members have been playing with us since close to release. We still have a lot of fun. There is a sense of community that keeps us playing even on the days when the lag makes you wanna put your foot into your screen or the daunting sound of the triple-shot makes you believe there is an NC conspiracy large enough to give you a rage-induced stroke.

Our active membership is about 130 with 25-35 players online per day. At peak, we have about 20 members online. Our membership as listed by includes close to 100 members who have been inactive for a long time, but who retain their membership because I hope they will return.

We use Teamspeak heavily. At first I didn't want to use voice comm... but now I wouldn't play without it. Mags with gunner/driver voice comm are frikkin beautiful. The ability to warn your teammates that there are 4 Vanguards over the hill he is about to cross has saved our Mags a few times... heh.

Our forums are interesting and a great place to make plans, share cool new tactics, post screenshots or brag about a nice kill.

We believe strongly in the value of defense and spend a lot of time utterly destroying an enemies hope of taking our bases. I love a last minute resecure. Dashing the hopes of the NC and TR makes my day.

Sometimes we use gals, sometimes we use vehicle teams and sometimes we just fight in the halls. Variety keeps things interesting.

There are few rules, just have fun and treat your fellow players as you would your friends and allies.

We have many CR5s. Our CR5s tend to be well-liked and of the non-spamming variety. I believe they all lead well and are appreciated contributors to the CR5 team.

I really enjoy being a member of Sons of Vanu and I think you would too. Its a fun group.

Rahl - BR25 CR5 Admiral Sons of Vanu Emerald

For more info send me a tell in-game. I play most nights.