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Live Version 3.0.27 (November 3, 2004)

  • Halloween pumpkins have been removed.
  • Cavern facility resecures will count toward BFR imprinting. Since resecures will award less experience than captures, the experience requirement for imprinting is less for a resecure.
  • Only one resecure in a 20 minute period will count toward BFR imprinting.
  • Reduction in BFR shield regeneration designed to reduce its battlefield staying power.
  • BFR vs. BFR balance will change with a 1 on 1 able to bust through each other's shields in 25-35 seconds (currently 40-60 seconds, depending on pilot accuracy).
  • Set BFR Batterdown time (the duration the BFR shield stays down after being reduced to 0 absorption) to 1.5 seconds for Gunner variants, 2 seconds for standard BFRs and 3 seconds for Flight variants.
  • BFRs shields regenerate more slowly during their battered down period. Increased the time the BFR shield stays down once it is "beat down". This is intended to moderately reduce the BFRs ability to run away.
  • BFR shield regeneration while crouched will only be slightly reduced, to reinforce the tactic (and inherent limitations) of crouching while taking sustained fire.
  • Small reduction to BFR shield's shield total absorption.
  • Increased experience multiplier for destroying a BFR.
  • Reduced BFR explosion radius when it is destroyed. Slightly reduced BFR AA Pilot weapon damage vs. air targets.
  • Reduced BFR AV weapons damage. Increased effectiveness of handheld AV weapons (Striker, Phoenix, Lancer, Decimator) against BFR's. Increased the effectiveness of EMP's vs. BFR's.
  • Increased the effectiveness of the Bolt Driver against BFRs.
  • Slightly increased effectiveness of Boomers against BFRs.
  • Increased AV MAX effectiveness against BFR's. Splash damage that hits a BFR shield will incur less grief. Reduced Flail and Liberator AV damage against BFRs a similar percent to what the BFR shield was reduced to keep current balance.
  • Slightly decreased the range of the VS Continuous Laser weapon.
  • Slightly increased the range of the NC Hammer weapon.
  • Extended the Pain field to the doors of the Vanu Control Center spawn location in Core Combat, to make it harder to spawn camp.
  • slightly reduced the effectiveness of Maelstrom grenades.
  • Increased Phalanx Wall Turret armor by 50%.
  • Base turrets fire 25% slower when on automatic.
  • Slightly increased base turret rotation speed.
  • Slightly increased the range of the TR Pounder projectiles.
  • Released the Exploration Merit Commendation, which is awarded for visiting certain areas, located on the nine original battle continents, and learning some history of the War for Auraxis.
  • Storm clouds will no longer appear stretched across the sky.