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Support Merit Commendations

This series of Merit Commendations rewards the thankless job of supporting the empire, including:

  • Reviving fallen soldiers
  • Healing injured soldiers
  • Repairing damaged armor on soldiers, vehicles, and equipment
  • Hacking enemy equipment
  • Operating an AMS, Router, or Lodestar

[AMS Support](
[Combat Medic](
[Combat Resuscitation](
[Equipment Support](
[Galaxy Support Pilot](
[Hack Support Specialist](
[Hacking Support](
[Infantry Armor Support](
[Locker Hack](
[Lodestar Support](
[Resuscitation Medic](../locations/
[Router Support](
[Telepad Deployment](
[Tiny Robotics Support](
[Universal Soldier](
[Vehicle Support Specialist](