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Merit Commendations

Merit Commendations are awards for certain activities done within the game. This includes:

  • Kills using certain weapons or vehicles
  • Destroying a specific kind of unit
  • Kills under certain circumstances
  • Supporting/Assisting other players
  • Visiting certain locations
  • Attending events
  • Jacking vehicles

Merits are displayed in the player pane under the "Achievements" tab. This window shows both the Merits you are displaying, and the Merits you have earned. It also tells the date you earned that Merit.

The bottom of this window gives you an option to check the progress towards other Merits, allowing you to see how close you are to that next level. Simply clicking the "Award Progress" button will open it up.

At the top of the window is your "display case" which house three Merits. This is where you can drop certain merits from the list to be displayed to other soldiers on your avatar's shoulder pad, making for easy bragging. Note that the Annual Terms of Service Merits are different from all other Merits. These are automatically added on your Shoulder Pad the moment you get them, and you cannot remove it, change its position or drag it into the Display Case. It will always display your highest Term of Service Merit.

Below is a listing of all the Merit Commendations available in the game. Clicking the title will take you to the Merits individual pages, which list the requirements for each Merit and off course the graphic of the Merit.

Categories of Available Merit Commendations

At present, there are six categories of Merit Commendations:

![](../images/SupportMeritThumb.png){ class="figure" } ![](../images/VehMeritThumb.png){ class="figure" } ![](../images/DefenseMeritThumb.png){ class="figure" } ![](../images/WeaponryMeritThumb2.png){ class="figure" } ![](../images/ActivityMeritThumbnail_copy.png){ class="figure" } ![](../images/Exclusive_Merit_Commendation.png){ class="figure" }

Obtaining Merit Commendations

Unique Kills

In order for a kill to count towards a certain Merit Commendation it must be a Unique Kill.

Merit Commendation Streaks

Some Merit Commendations require X amount of kills to qualify for that merit, and then a streak to complete it.

Said streaks require you to kill a certain amount of people without dying.

  • Example:

The Heavy Assault Platinum Merit Commendation requires 8,000 kills to Qualify for it. After you have achieved those 8,000 kills the game will flag you as Qualified and you will have to kill 12 Enemy Soldiers (Unique Kills) to obtain the Heavy Assault Platinum Merit. You don't have to complete the streak in the same session, however, you can work on it until you complete it. Streak kills are also saved if you logout, meaning that if you have 8 kills for the Heavy Assault Platinum streak, and you logout, you will still have those 8 kills when you start PlanetSide next time (provided you don't log on a different character on that server or there is a game update/crash between your sessions).

If you are working on a streak for a Merit, which requires 5 kills and you die after getting 4 Streak kills, those 4 kills will count towards the next level of the Merit that you are working on.

  • Example:

You are working on Basic Weapons Silver streak, which requires 4 kills and it takes you 50 kills until you finally get 4 in one life, then you will only have to get 50 kills to qualify for Basic Weapons Gold, instead of 100.

Kill Assists

Kill Assists are kills that a Friendly Soldier made after you Supported him. You can Support someone and gain Kill Assists and Support Experience Points through one of the following activities:

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