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Live Version 3.4.14 (March 17, 2005)

Changes in this version center on BattleFrame Robotics and Merit Commendations. You can read more details about these changes at:

BattleFrame Robotics Revisions Merit Commendation Revisions List of available Merit Commendations

BFR Specifics

  • Flight Variants now have 2500 physical armor (down from 2880)
  • Gunner shield regen to 90/sec standing, 170 crouched (45% reduction)
  • All vehicle weapons and BFR AV weapons reduced 35% against BFRs to maintain near current BFR vs. Vehicle balance. This means these weapons beat through the shield slightly faster, but take a bit longer on the actual armor. These changes are for BFRs only - they are unchanged for every other vehicle.
  • BFR Gunner Armor slightly reduced from 5000 to 4500 BFR physical armor absorption to small arms fire removed.
  • Rifles (especially with AP rounds) are now more effective against BFRs.
  • BFR AI and AA weapons made more "flexible" in that they do less damage against their intended target and more against vehicles.
  • BFR purchase timer reduced from 50 minutes to 25 minutes.
  • Empire Specific Hand held AV weapons set to where a single trooper, depending on the situation, can slowly beat down an uncrouched Gunner BFR's shields.
  • This is a significant improvement from previous, where a Gunner Variant BFR could pretty much ignore 1, 2 or even 3 grunts with AV weapons.
  • Improved BFR gunner weapons against armor and air targets.
  • Updated BFR and BFR weapon descriptions to better match their revised functionality.

Merit Commendation Specifics

  • Modified a number of Merits colors to make them more distinct.
  • Modified merits as described at here with a listing here, to be more obtainable by casual play, yet retaining prestige for final merits.
  • Added the new BFR Buster Merit Commendation (for killing BFRs)
  • Added the new Driver Gunnery Merit Commendation (for kills made while driving)
  • Increased the [[Hand-to-Hand (Merit)

]]Knife Merit Awards from 3 ranks to 5 (existing merits will not be lost)

  • Added the new Bomber Ace Merit Commendation (for driver assist kills while piloting a Liberator)
  • Kills made with the TR Colossus AI Mortar weapon will now properly count toward the Ground Gunner Merit.
  • Changed Advanced BFR award to require a streak of 7 (given BFR's newer relative weakness)
  • Corrected a naming issue with first rank of Engineering merit.

Weapon Splash on Water

We made a pass over BFR, MBT, Deliverer and Assault Buggy weapons with splash damage to have them explode upon hitting water. Previously, some weapons did this and some didn't. Uniformly now, if the weapon has a splash radius explosion, it will now go boom! upon hitting water.

Currently, the aiming with projectiles like Prowler or Vanguard rounds, are a little deceptive because you see the whole explosion because of the transparancy of the water and water detection code. We hope to revise this in a future build to make "walking" your shells toward a target more accurate. Even with this issue, this change helps to even vehicle balance against opponents over water.