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One-Manned Field Turret

 Field Turret, the
Field Turret, the Osprey

Certification Required Assault Engineering or Advanced Engineering
Empire New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Mode Deploy Field Turret
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle holster)
Magazine Capacity Varies
Zoom 4x

One-Manned Field Turret (OMFT)

The One-Manned Field Turrets are designed to supress Infantry, and deal good damage against ground and air Vehicles.

All three Empires have their own variant of the OMFT, the New Conglomerate has the Osprey, the Terran Republic has the Avenger and the Vanu Sovereignty has the Orion. The OMFTs have weaponry similar to that of the Anti-Infantry MAX of each Empire.

These Turrets have Shield Generation, that increases when deployed, which is similar to the Shields that vehicles have, though enemy players with Enhanced Targeting can see the shield strength.

The turrets have an unlimited ammunition supply reserve. Simply reload as often as you like to keep your active magazine filled with ammunition.

Be aware when operating one of these Turrets, for they can be jacked, while you're in it by only an advanced hacker. If jacked by an advanced hacker, the turret will deconstruct. However, if an Expert Hacker jacks the turret, it will remain in the game world and will be usable by the enemy.

OMFT cannot be placed inside a friendly or enemy Sphere of Influence or on bridges, but can be placed within the SOI of a neutral base. A maximum of 5 can be placed by an engineer at a time and share interferece ranges with AMSes, TRAPs, and Aegis Shield Generators. If left unmanned, they will deconstruct automatically in about 5 minutes.

Kills made with OMFTs count toward empire specific OMFT merits: Avenger Gunner for the Avenger, Orion Gunner for the Orion, and Osprey Gunner for the Osprey. These kills also count toward the general Turret Gunner merit.

Graphics Settings Note: If you plan on gunning these turrets often, it's best to turn Bullet Holes off in the graphics settings. Large explosions can leave an opaque black scorch mark on the outline of your turret, making it difficult, if not impossible, to see out when turned in certain directions.