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What is a Rabbit?

Rabbit gameplay promotes combat in open areas; quite a difference from your normal gameplay. When the event starts, a unique anomaly (the "Rabbit ball") appears at a random location on a designated continent. A message will be displayed in the chat area announcing where, and the location of the Rabbit ball will be displayed on your map by an orange waypoint. Kills made in close proximity to the rabbit ball will be rewarded with an extra 25% experience point bonus to the killer and those in his/her squad, which is added to any empire incentive already in place.

The objective of the Rabbit event is for an empire to keep possession of the Rabbit ball and accumulate points towards a certain point goal (typically 1000) before any other empire can reach the same point goal.

The Rabbit Carrier

Any player of any empire can pick up the Rabbit ball. That player can also get into a friendly ground vehicle, subject to the same vehicle restrictions as an LLU or Module carrier. However, there are additional restrictions for the Rabbit ball carrier.

The Rabbit ball carrier cannot enter the following areas:

  • The SOI of a tower or facility belonging to any empire, including neutral facilities.
  • Water
  • Warpgates

If the Rabbit ball carrier enters any of the above areas, the Rabbit ball resets to another spawn point on the continent. This has sometimes been used by players to try to make the Rabbit ball spawn inside friendlier territory on the continent (although it's often a gamble). Players trying to force a reset will either run into an SOI, "dunk" the Rabbit (run into water), or make for the nearest warpgate.

The Rabbit ball can also only be carried by a single empire (even if passed to other friendlies) for the duration of 100 points straight. After the 100 point streak is reached, the Rabbit ball resets to another location. However, if another empire comes in possession of the Rabbit ball (and scores at least 1 point*), the streak is broken, and another 100 points can be scored by either the empire that has taken the Rabbit ball, or the first empire if it gets the Rabbit ball back.

The player who is carrying the rabbit ball is immune to friendly fire and receives 100 BEP for each point scored. The player will also get health, armor, and stamina regeneration while carrying it.

*Needs confirmation

The Rabbit Status

 window showing the score
and other information.
window showing the score and other information.

The Rabbit Status Window will appear on the screen for all players while they are on the zone that is hosting the Rabbit event. Score points for your empire by carrying the Rabbit ball or gain bonus experience for participating in battle. A point is scored every five seconds the ball is held. The empire that reaches the point goal (shown on the Rabbit status window) wins.

Empire Rewards

Controlling the Rabbit Ball for a significant amount of time will ultimately result in a benefit being obtained for the Empire that does so. These benefits can vary, but may include gaining uncontestable control for the continent or cave where the event took place for a period of time, access to enemy weapon or equipment, bonuses to experience or other perks.

The most common use for a Rabbit event is to end a 3-way battle in a zone that has lasted many days. The most common reward is a continental lock on that zone for 12 hours.