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Version 1.9.1 (Aug. 27, 2003)

There will be a patch to the live servers at 3 AM Pacific on August 27, 2003. It will contain the following items:

  • Drivers will gain control of vehicles coming off the creation pad sooner.
  • Air vehicles will move off of the vehicle creation pad quicker.
  • Vehicles will no longer drift when the driver hits Alt-R. *The gunner camera on the Vanguard and the Prowler will now shake much less.
  • Spitfire Turrets will now fire in the correct direction to hit their target.
  • The link between a facility that has been hacked and spawned a Lattice Logic Unit and the LLU's destination will now be highlighted on the continental map.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to deconstruct with the LLU in their inventory.
  • Respawning at a facility will no longer drain NTU's from the facility's silo.