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 Soldier with a
Phoenix Missile Launcher
Soldier with a Phoenix Missile Launcher

Certification Required Anti-Vehicular
Empire New Conglomerate
Primary Mode Camera Guided
Secondary Mode Dumb Fire
Ammunition Phoenix Missile
Range 250 m or 6 sec flight time
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 1
Zoom 4x


The Phoenix is the Anti-Vehicular weapon for the New Conglomerate. In its primary mode, a camera in the nose of the rocket allows the operator to guide it to a precise target without the operator needing to see the target from his position. The warhead can be manually detonated at any time in the flight path by pressing the fire key a second time. The rocket is cumbersome to steer and has a limited range, usually requiring the operator to fire in the general direction of his target in order to ascertain he will be able to adjust the rocket's flightpath in time for impact. Also, the weapon cannot be reloaded while a rocket is being camera guided. The operator is unaware of his surroundings while piloting the Phoenix, making him susceptible to nearby enemy troops.

In secondary mode, the Phoenix fires an unguided, or "dumbfire," rocket, similar to the Decimator. This is useful when the target is visible and stationary or in close proximity to the Phoenix user.

Shots to kill:

MAX 3 shots
Lightning 6 shots
Prowler 18 shots
Magrider 14 shots
Vanguard 18 shots

(The above numbers are taken with full Armor; no Vehicle Shields applied)