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PlanetSide Reserves

PlanetSide Reserves was a program that ran from March 24, 2006 to March 27, 2007. It offered a limited version of PlanetSide without a monthly fee. Characters were limited in Battle Rank and Command Rank, and the program was set to end March 24, 2007. When that date arrived, Reserves players were still able to log in and play, and new Reserves accounts could still be created, but on March 27, the program was ended.

In conjunction with the launch of the PlanetSide Reserves, all paying accounts received access to AfterShock content.

Planetside Reserves information page


  • Characters limited to Battle Rank 6 and BEP stopped accruing
  • Characters limited to Command Rank 2 and CEP stopped accruing
  • Characters could enter the Caverns and use Ancient Tech vehicles and weapons, but could not Imprint for BFRs, although the pre-requisites for Imprinting could be earned
  • There was no limitation on joining Squads or Outfits
  • Characters on paying accounts moved ahead of PlanetSide Reserves characters in the warp queue for a poplocked zone