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Waypoints are markers placed on the Continental Map, and show up in the HUD as pillars of light with animated arrowheads at the base.

There are many different waypoints in PlanetSide:

  • Squad/Platoon Waypoints: These waypoints are placed by Squad leaders that are Command Rank 1 or higher. These are visible to all members of the squad the CR1 is leading, and are shared between squads in a platoon. These waypoints are colored according to the position of the Squad Leader setting them within a platoon, i.e., waypoints set by a particular squad leader will match the color of that squad's names in the Squad Bar.
  • Squad Experience Waypoint: This waypoint is represented by a blue diamond. The closer you are to this waypoint, the more Battle Experience Points you get when another member of your squad scores a kill in the same zone. The squad leader can keep the location of this as the centroid of the squad (default) or change it to follow a specific squad member (done in the "manage" tab) if he is Command Rank 3 or higher.
  • LLU Waypoint: If a player has an LLU in their inventory a purple triangular waypoint will appear indicating the destination the LLU must be taken to.
  • Personal Waypoint: Players can set a single Personal Waypoint, colored white and visible only to themselves, to aid navigation within a zone.
  • Laze Pointer Waypoint: With the Laze Pointer, any soldier can set a temporary waypoint for use as a target for a Flail or a Liberator bombing run. This will be color-coded and marked with the squad member's number.

There are also 3 special waypoints that have unique differences from the ones listed above:

  • Orbital Strike Waypoint: If a friendly CR4 or CR5 player has placed an Orbital Strike waypoint on the map, it is visible as a colored beam of light in the gameworld: blue for NC, red for TR, and purple for VS. The waypoint is not visible on the Proximity Map or the Continental Map.
  • Rabbit Waypoint: If there is a Rabbit event] on the zone you are on, an orange circular waypoint will appear on your proximity and continental maps. This waypoint is not visible in the gameworld as the other waypoints are. The waypoint will point in the direction of the rabbit ball.
  • Vehicle Waypoint: If you own a vehicle, but are not currently operating it, a yellow rectangle will appear on the proximity map pointing in the direction of your vehicle if it is not within the range of the proximity map's current zoom setting.