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Connection Guide

To connect to the PSForever Server, follow the steps below. If you have any further questions, join us on Discord and ask us your question in the help channel.

If you’re a returning player, make sure you set the server port to 51000. The old server/launcher used to be a default port of 51200, which is wrong.

1. Download and extract PlanetSide

Google Drive Mega

2. Download and extract the PSForever Launcher (does not have to be in Planetside folder)

PSForever Launcher

  1. Open the launcher
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Choose
  4. In the Browse For Folder window, browse for and click on the PlanetSide folder, then press OK
  5. Check Skip Launcher, as you do not need to enter a username and password until you get in game
  6. Click Launch

Troubleshooting: If you get an error when attempting to launch the game, right click the PlanetSide client executable (Planetside.exe) in the PlanetSide folder, click Properties, click the Compatibility tab, check Run this program as an Administrator, and press OK. If you are still having issues, try running the PSForever_Launcher.exe as an administrator. Otherwise, follow the Launcher workaround/Shortcut Method found below, near the bottom of the page.

3. Connect to PSForever in the game client

  1. Create an account by entering any name/password you want
  2. (Optional) Change Bandwidth Settings
    The client download will default to the ‘Low’ Bandwidth setting. I would recommend ‘Medium’, so you don’t get spammed for a few seconds with capture messages after the first loading world or zoning. If you run into soft locks/load screen freezes, go back to Low. ‘High’ is not recommended and will cause load screens to fail. The Bandwidth Settings are found by going to Options > Game > Bandwidth Settings. You can do this before choosing a character.
  3. Choose the PSForever server
  4. Click PLAY

4. Create a character

  1. Click CREATE CHARACTER and customize a character to your likings, then press FINISH. Please use an appropriate name or you could lose access to the server.

5. Enter the game world

With your new character selected, press PLAY to enter the game

Launcher Workaround (Shortcut Method)

If you are having trouble using the Launcher, you can circumvent it by taking these steps:

  1. In your PlanetSide folder, open client.ini and change the IP to
  2. Right click planetside.exe
  3. Click Create shortcut
  4. Find planetside.exe - Shortcut
  5. Right click planetside.exe - Shortcut
  6. Click Properties
  7. Click the Shortcut tab
  8. Find Target: and add a space, then /K:StagingTest /CC to the end, minding spaces. It is advised you copy and paste and add this exactly, otherwise you will get an Invalid Target error.
  9. Example: "C:\Planetside\planetside.exe" /K:StagingTest /CC
  10. Click the Apply button
  11. Click the Compatibility tab
  12. Under Settings, check the Run this program as an administrator checkbox.
  13. Click OK
  14. Run the game from the shortcut

Wine Workarounds

  • Crashes to desktop after intro credits: Enable the "virtual desktop" feature within wine, seems to be a resolution based problem

  • No sound: Install the ubuntu package libasound2-plugins:i386, may also be on other distros or an equivalent on others.