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The Bending

The Bending

"Just before the end, everything....bent"

The Bending refers to an event, as well as one hell of a plot twist, that changed the face of Auraxis forever.

During this bending, the continents of Auraxis had fallen under siege by meteor storms. Many did not know what it meant, and many were fearful, feeling as if something was about to go terribly wrong.

Their fears were confirmed when the continent of Oshur fell under heavy meteor attack, and an alien voice from the sky began speaking during the final hours of the storm.

*Spatial Destabilization Concluded. Exotic matter injected. Quantum tunnels stabilized. Delivery platform transport fields readied.

Initiating bend sequence now.**

Right after this voice, every soldier on Auraxis had fallen unconcious.

Upon awakening back in their own sanctuaries, the soldiers of every empire saw that Auraxis' sun and moons were gone. The sky was different, yet the land was the same. The stars had changed, and each continent had somehow shifted to different parts of the universe.

However, Oshur was gone. It had been replaced within the new Galactic Lattice by another mysterious world that had 4 islands, the Battle Islands.

The Bending - The Day Everything Changed - An account from a soldier on the field

I was there that day. For three days meteors pounded the surface of Auraxis. The caverns shook and yet we battled on. It became obvious that whatever was gonna happen would happen on Oshur Prime (the name for pre-bending Oshur).

On, what became the final night, the battle raged on. You could almost hear Oshur scream as it continued. In the final moments the meteors didn't stop. Reports came from all over that the meteors were falling and they wouldn't stop. All of Auraxis was under seige, and we didn't know what from.

Nevertheless, loyal soldiers fought on for their flag. All unaware that their commanders had fled the planet. The NC Command went so far as to say that it was the end everything. The Terran Overwatch urged it's soldiers to continue to defend their banner. The Vanu, we embraced this as the day we had been working for. But no one expected what happened next.

The planet, it spoke to us! The commanders say it was all in our heads but we heard it. The Auraxian core telling us what it was doing. I'll never forget the final words. "Initiating Bending Sequence". And so it did, my vision it bent and twisted. This was not regular respawning, and I was right.

When we woke up we didn't know what happened. Our Auraxis was gone. All we had worked for wasn't there. But, we had a whole new goal. The galaxy was ripe for the taking and a new land to be explored. Everything may have changed but in the end the war still waged on.