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Version 3.6.5 Launched May 10, 2005.


Squad Experience: We revised how experience is split out when you are in a squad to make squadding better to gain Battle Experience Points over soloing. There is now a bonus for sticking close to your squadmates. The radar will "glow" to let you know when you are at medium or long range and a waypoint will come up to indicate which direction you should head to re-join your squad members. That's the basics of it, but we encourage you to click the link above and read the details!

Squad Leader Chat: Now, all leaders of squads on a particular planet can talk to each other via "/SL". This is to promote teamwork and coordination without the tedium of sending specific tells to CR4's or 5's.

Game Play

  • Re-adjusting the CEP awarded for base captures to better reward running larger squads. The distribution is an even, linear one, going from small squads receiving less than previous, scaling up with leaders of large squads receiving more than was possible previously.
  • All medical terminals will now repair both armor and health, with advanced medical terminals doing so at a faster rate.
  • Changed the way air Vehicles function to no longer lose control at very low health. This was done to remove the issue that leads to air vehicles, when they start to fall, to have extreme warping. This also allows the pilot with a busted ejector seat to still have the "skill" option of driving their way out of their impending doom.
  • You can use the hotkey Alt + X to toggle the Squad Experience Waypoint Display on your HUD.
  • The "glow" that comes up around your radar display to indicate Medium or Long range Squad EXP bonus is user configurable. Check your color settings if you want to change them.


  • Boomers and other explosion effects should no longer be able to go through ceilings.
  • Corrected an issue where extreme changes in altitude (jumping off a tower or base wall for example) could cause extreme warping of the avatar.
  • Maelstrom chain lash should no longer go through closed doors.
  • BFR Gunner Variants should no longer have the problem of the Gunner sometimes not able to aim sideways after using ALT-TAB.
  • Also, BFR Gunners should no longer have their viewpoint become "wobbly" after swaping out different weapons.
  • It should no longer be possible to receive grief by damaging friendlies that are near an enemy vehicle that you destroy.
  • Lock on weapons (Starfire MAX and Striker) should no longer be able to "retrack" projectiles that are in flight to a new target. The projectiles will only lock onto the target they were originally locked on to when they were fired.
  • We made changes to how Darklight interacts with the AMS cloak bubble to correct issues that could lead to easy location of AMS units.
  • Change vehicle status and oxygen meters when submerged in water to have numerical % displays.
  • Corrected an issue with Surge that could lead to depleting stamina incorrectly.
  • Removed conditions that could lead to a soldier respawning to their Sanctuary when the spawn point they were respawning to became unavailable.
  • The Striker will no longer continue to beep after hotswapping with another weapon or loading into a trunk from a vehicle favorite.
  • Corrected a blocking issue with CE deployables and spawn tubes .
  • Motion Sensors will now properly detect enemies in its scanning radius even if placed upside down or sideways.
  • Removing an unintended mid air lock down ability of TR MAX suits.
  • Corrected a crash to desktop relating to player defined chat windows.
  • Audio levels will remain at their correct settings, rather than moving to 100% volume, after a game restart.
  • Rocklet Rifle ammo count should no longer display incorrectly under certain circumstances when switching weapons.
  • Corrected a display issue with the rooster tail effect of aircraft flying low over water.
  • Medics will no longer receive incorrect messages when resurrecting and switching camera views.
  • Exiting a hover vehicle on a steep incline and re-entering the vehicle will no longer have a chance to cause a bugged state.