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Soldier firing the Dragon
Soldier firing the Dragon

Certification Required Elite Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Stream
Secondary Mode Sunburst explosion
Ammunition Incendiary Gel
Range 12 meters
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 100
Zoom 2x


The Dragon is a flamethrower that can either fire a continuous stream of flames in primary mode, or shoot a "bomb" of fire, which will explode and ignite anyone nearby. The range of the Dragon is limited, but its damage output is very high, and can quickly kill Infantry and MAXs alike.

The primary mode fires a short burst of flames, consuming 5 ammunition. Once started, the burst must finish firing, but holding down the fire key can fire successive bursts. The flames travel fairly slowly, but if anything is caught in the way, they are toast...literally.

The secondary fire mode fires what's called a "Sunburst": a slow moving ball of fire. When it reaches its explosion distance or hits the ground, it explodes igniting anyone nearby. The initial blast does quite a bit of damage and players will continue to burn for a short period afterward. The Sunburst consumes 50 ammunition and has a 3 second refire delay. With a magazine taking up a 4x4 inventory space, use this mode sparingly, as it eats up ammo quickly!

The Dragon is free to those having the Three Year Term of Service merit or available to those certing Elite Assault. The Dragon has a 3 minute acquisition timer.