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Systematik Chaos

Systematik Chaos

A small outfit created by 2 Australians MuscularTeeth and Malkman.

Neither play when the other isnt on. So if you see one expect the other to be nearby...

The outfit has 10 members in total. 4 are die hards.





Systematik Chaos also have a small website. The main attraction to the site is its picture gallary. Witness the unique picture of a mosquito in the spawn room.

Incidently, MuscularTeeth considers himself a frontline journalist on the field of planetside battle. He has hundred of fantastic and rare pictures. HART's landed sideways, meteor strikes, 20 newly spawned soldiers in a single tree and so on. He also has videos of complete online anarchy. Vehicle columns, massive air combat and dogfights - you name it. Send him a tell for anything you want.

If your interested in joining the outfit, send muscularteeth a tell...