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Sturmgrenadier is the most unique online gaming community to be found, with mature, professional, and friendly members who enjoy working together as a team. Sturmgrenadier's number one goal is to provide our members with the absolute best experience in online gaming. Strong leadership, vast collective experience, in-depth informational resources, extensive tools, and a robust forum community are what Sturmgrenadier's all about.

Sturmgrenadier Planetside started in closed beta, and to this day we are a very active outfit. Our main objective in this game is to move the map and dominate our enemies on the battlefield, using all the tools at our dispoal. To that end, we have dedicated squads of airborne and mounted infantry, air calvary, and armor. Recruiting Information: Has your outfit disappeared because of the release of WoW?

Recruiting Info

- Tired of logging into game, checking the outfit tab and seeing only yourself on?

- Tired of having to deal with no sense of purpose or organization when do you find other outfit members?

- Tired of politics, immaturity from other players, lack of decisiveness?

- Looking for a place to call home, where you know that the outfit isn’t going anywhere, and won’t dissolve from lack of participation from its members?

So was I.

Would you like to be involved with an incredible group of men and women who are united by the common purpose of having fun and kicking ass while doing it? People who understand teamwork, communication, and excellence on the battlefield?

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, I invite you to take a look at Sturmgrenadier (SG).

I joined SG in January of 2003 looking for a place to call home. After seeing SG in action, and talking to them in game, I decided to apply and got in. Halfway into the 1-month trial membership, I decided that I found a home and committed to Sturmgrenadier. I have made many friends here, both in game, over TeamSpeak, and in real life, and I look forward to many more years of brother-and-sisterhood.

SG offers to its members:

- A free 30 day trial with access to everything before you decide whether this is the place for you. - A Charter and accompanying Code of Conduct that is applied impartiality to everyone, both Command and rank-and-file. - Very active community of over 800 members, both over Teamspeak and our forums, with over 100,000 posts in the past year. - The possibility for advancement. Leadership and bravery are rewarded, and if you are interested in a leadership position, those who demonstrate their abilities will be recognized and promoted. - If you play more than one game, SG has organized Portals in Planetside, EVE Online, World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, America’s Army, and WW2 Online.

SG Planetside is divided up into three distinct battlegroups, each with their own chain of command. They are:

-B.G. Wasp – Infantry: If you like the feel of mud under your boots, like storming and enemy base and securing a hack, this is for you. Organized squads, training in infantry tactics, spec ops, are all things Wasp carries out with excellence.

-B.G. Hornet – Armor: BFRs, Tanks, Flails. Hornet specializes in using NC vehicles in targeting enemy forces and immolating them in a storm of shellfire. Hornet is what takes ground from the enemy and gives NC infantry the chance to get inside an enemy facility

-B.G. Stinger – Air Cavalry: Stinger is the place to be if you want to control the skies and dominate our opponents in the air.

We often have all three battlegroups fielding a squad, and we use our high-bandwidth, high-quality TeamSpeak servers to organize our forces into a coherent military machine capable of taking anything on.

This is the home that you’ve always dreamed of. We’re not dependant on one individual to hold us together, like other outfits that have collapsed due to their leader leaving. SG has been here since the start of Beta, and will be here still the day they pull the plugs on the PS servers. We are a family of 800 people, linked by purpose, joined in friendship and camaraderie. The only thing we ask of our members is participation in SG and a yearly due of $12 dollars, which goes to pay for our Teamspeak, forum and game servers. The left over money at the end of the year is used to purchase giveaways for our Christmas giveaway every year. An open accounting plan is in place for members to review.

If you are still not sure, head over to, register on our forums, and talk to us. You can also contact me in any of the ways listed in my signature. I am here to be a resource to the rest of the community, and I would be happy to speak to you about any questions or comments you may have. Hope to see you in game.

Contact Information


Email: [email protected]




Additional Contact Info:

Pine is the recruiting and public relations officer for Sturmgrenadier Planetside, and is the contact point for all outside inquiries. He may also be contacted in the forums on via the name Pine.