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Interstellar Map

Overhead Map of the planets and of Auraxian space, showing the Galactic Lattice network between the worlds and their continents. Accessed with the "G" key after you have opened up the Continental Map with the "M" key.

When you select a single planet, it will reveal color-coded lines to other worlds that have fixed warpgate links to it. Blue rings will encircle a planet that you can Broadcast Warp to. When you enter a broadcast warpgate, the Interstellar Map will automatically open and allow you to immediately choose your destination.

Planetary data such as ownership status, capitol location, and number of facilities will scroll from the bottom of the map. Mini-screens at the top of the map display Cavern and Sanctuary status.

Selecting a planet or cavern will also highlight its hosted continent on the side of the screen, with thin lines leading to the target world for quick referance. Each mini-window will also show the Continental lock and Population lock status of each continent, the empire SOIs for each base, as well as any hotspots on the surface.

LLU, Module, Squad, and Platoon-member locations will also display on these continent windows. Your current location will appear as a white arrow.

Double-clicking on a continent or planet will open up the Continental Map of that world or cavern.

Add toggle descrptions for population, etc.