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is propelled at high velocity in a fairly straight trajectory until it detects an hostile air target within proximity, upon which it explodes violently, scatering small pieces of shrapnel in a very wide spherical radius, causing large amounts of damage to air vehicle armor.

Flak can be tricky to use, as it does not lock on to targets like most other Anti-Air weapon systems, but requires the gunner to anticipate fast moving and distant craft. However, as it does not lock on, the first warning a pilot will get is when the shells begin exploding around them. At this point, unless they are already moving, and have an Afterburner ready, is it generally too late to react to the bombardment. This makes it an ideal choice to ambush hovering aircraft.

Most Flak has a maximum range of 500m (exception: Flaklet) thus it can hit aircraft flying at the 400m ceiling if sufficiently leading the target, although it can cause splash damage if used with 10m or so. Flak is generally ineffective indoors, or against ground vehicles, MAX and infantry, as the shells will not proximity-detonate. Direct hits with the shells causes only minor armor damage to the target.

Best used against Mosquitos, Reavers and Wasps, several Flak guns working in concert will generally be required to eliminate Liberators, Lodestars and the Galaxy, by virtue of their large armor, although steady bombardment will generally force a retreat of these craft.

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