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Core Complex

The Core Complex is the large crystaline structure located at the center of each of the Core Combat Caverns.

At the center of this structre is a white column of light. Stepping into this beam of light is fatal, with two exceptions:

  • Soldier is carrying an uncharged Module. The beam will charge the module, ready for installation in a surface Facility Module Cradle.
  • Soldier is ready to Imprint in preparation for BattleFrame Robotics certification. Once the proper requirements have been met, the beam will allow soldiers to certify BFR from that point on.

While in the beam under the above two circumstances, you are immune to damage.

Unlike the other Cavern Base Facilites, the Core Complex has no Ancient Control Console, and cannot be captured by any Empire.

Entry to the building is by Zipline, or Teleporter ring pairs. Navigation inside is also by Teleporter.