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Speed, and Equipment Modules
in their cradles in an Interlink
, Speed, and Equipment Modules in their cradles in an Interlink Facility

Modules are devices that can be obtained from the Module Buildings in the Caverns introduced by the expansion Core Combat.

When installed inside a surface base facility, modules grant the facility and the controlling empire a module benefit (apart from Facility Linked Benefits), depending on the type of module installed.

In order to obtain a module, one must go to the caverns, capture a Module Building, obtain a non-powered module, and take it to the Core Complex to be charged. Once the module is removed from the Module Building, the player has fifteen minutes to charge the module and bring it to the surface. Once on the surface, the player has an additional fifteen minutes to install the module into a friendly base. Once the module is placed in a Module Cradle, all bases linked to the module will receive the benefits.

Each Empire has a limit of 10 Modules that they can have installed at any given time. If exceeded, the only way to gain more modules is to steal them from enemy bases that have them. Also, only three modules can be in-transit in a cave at the same time. More modules cannot be taken from their cradles until at least one is taken to the surface or the timer expires on one. Taking a non-charged module to the surface causes the module to disappear. If a charged Module is still in the cave when an enemy empire captures the Module Building it was taken from, the module will explode instantly, regardless of the timer.

Note: when carrying a module, your character will "flash" the color of the module you picked up. Also, similar to the LLU, an icon will appear on the map giving the location of you and the module for both friendlies and enemies to see, thus it's best to have an escort to avoid an enemy from stealing the module. A module icon flashing green means a friendly has picked it up. A red flashing icon means an enemy has it, and a black flashing icon means the module is on the ground. If the fifteen minute timer expires on the module, it will start beeping a different sound and explode after a random delay between 1 second and 5 minutes, killing the carrier and anything nearby.

Available Modules

Currently, six types of modules are available to be installed (map icon color is listed):

Empires may also try to achieve a Cavern Lock which will provide all six module benefits to any linked or chain linked facility as if they had a module installed.

Special Rules

The modules are unique constructs, and are subject to several special rules, in the same vein as LLUs.

  1. Once installed in a facility, they cannot be removed by friendlies under normal circumstances. This is to prevent griefing. However, friendlies can remove modules from their own base if the enemy has the facility under hack.
  2. Once installed at a facility, modules can only be stolen by enemies if one of two things happen.
  3. If the facility's Control Console is hacked.
  4. If the facility's generator is destroyed.
  5. If the facility where the module is installed reverts to a neutral state, the module is destroyed, as it has no power.
  6. Once installed at a facility, the module has a complete lifetime of roughly 28 hours, which is also the cavern rotation cycle's time period.
  7. The modules are extremely sensitive to changes in pressure. If a module is ever submerged in water, it will immediately detonate, destroying itself and anything near it.
  8. The modules become unstable when they are taken out of their Module Cradle. They will explode if they are out of their cradle for more than 15 minutes.