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Disruptor Mine

Certification Required Assault Engineering
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Disruptor Mine
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Adaptive Construction Engine (ACE)
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol holster)
Magazine Capacity 1 mine per ACE Unit
Zoom None

Disruptor Mine

The Disruptor Mine is very similar to the High Explosive Mine, apart from a few changes in appearance and behavior.

Disruptor Mines work the same as their High Explosive Mine counterparts, however, when triggered, they do not explode, but rather emit a small EMP burst.

The Disruptor Mine EMP burst has the same effect as Jammer Grenades and the EMP used by Commanders except that it will not detonate boomers or High Explosive Mines (neither Friendly nor Enemy).

The Disruptor Mine shares the secondary firing mode of the ACE with the High Explosive Mine, and can be selected by use of the "Change Ammunition" function.

The Disruptor Mines count for the maximum number of mines that you can deploy, along with the High Explosive Mine. Their interference range is similar to their High Explosive counterparts.