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Laze Pointer

Certification Required None
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Paint Target
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition -
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity -
Zoom None

Laze Pointer

The Laze Pointer allows front-line troops to indicate targets for Flail gunners, who will be quite far from the target. (It is also useful for Liberator bombing runs.)

The Laze Pointer can be obtained from any Equipment Terminal or directly from a deployed Flail.

Simply point the Laze Pointer at the target and hold the trigger. A progress bar indicates the time to completion. Once completed, a temporary targeting waypoint will be visible in the HUD and on the Proximity Map for members of the Platoon. Unlike normal waypoints, targeting waypoints are circular on the proximity map, use the color and number of the user, and go away after about 15 seconds.