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 Soldier launching a
Scorpion Missile
Soldier launching a Scorpion Missile

Certification Required Elite Assault
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Fire
Secondary Mode Lock
Ammunition Scorpion Missiles
Range Minimum: 50.5m Maximum: 301.7m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 1
Zoom 12x


The Scorpion is part of the new Elite Assault certification, along with the Dragon. However if you have at least the Two Year Term of Service Award, you can acquire the Scorpion without certing Elite Assault.

The Scorpion is a straight-trajectory "smart missile" that detonates at a range you lock in. While this primary explosion causes little damage, it launches 5 smaller rockets in a 90 degree spread downwards. These smaller rockets detonate after traveling approximately 25 meters, causing massive damage. If three of these rockets detonate in close proximity to an infantry unit, the unit will be killed. However, if either the primary round or secondary rockets hit anything before they reach their explosion distance, they fall to the ground and do not explode or do damage.

To fire the Scorpion, you need to zoom in onto a target, then lock on to the selected target with your secondary fire key. This locks the weapon to detonate at that range (you can lock onto anything: a soldier, the ground, a wall, etc). You can then fire in any direction with the primary fire key. Zooming all the way out or firing resets the lock-on range.

The Scorpion requires the target to be at least 50.5 meters away before it will lock on, which the Scorpion indicates. It cannot fire at targets over 301.7 meters away either.

The secondary rockets have a predictable explosion pattern: two rocklets will always be propelled at a 90 degree angle downwards from the primary explosion. The remaining 3 rocklets explode at random angles. Thus to maximize the probability of hitting your target with at least two rocklets, aim to the left or right of your target so that one of the two predictable rocklets hits the target and hope that another random rocklet explodes close by as well.

Note that extreme elevation differentials between you and your target require a little more planning. For example, if you are on a mountain top targeting a soldier by the water's edge, you need to lock on to an object that is slightly closer to you than your intended target or else your rocklets will explode behind your intended target. Similarly, you need to add range to kill a sniper on a mountain far above you or else the rocklets will explode well short of your target.

The Scorpion has a rather large learning curve, but once mastered, it's a devastating weapon.

The weapon has a rare known issue involving the bomblets not exploding properly.