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6th Anniversary Update

Greetings Auraxians! Welcome to PlanetSide's 6 Year Anniversary Celebration! To commemorate this Anniversary we have a few exciting new additions for everybody!

  • All characters created before the six year anniversary update will be granted a free respec.
  • The battle rank maximum has been increased from 25 to 40 with a special reward upon reaching 40!
  • Six Year Anniversary merit has been awarded to all Characters that are 72 months old!
  • Battle Frame Robotics (BFR) imprint will now be given to all characters created before June 18, 2009! Everybody with a character created before that date will not have to go through the imprint process in the Caverns. Players will still need to purchase the BFR certification from one of the certification terminals in order to gain access to pilot a BFR.

Thank you and we’ll see you on the battlefield!