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Battalion is an epic New Conglomerate outfit, on the Emerald server, which boasts countless victories through systematic raids on bases of enemy empires. Battalion was founded by Pedromdrp in 2003.

Over time, members of Battalion have migrated to fulfil other ambitions, mostly involving the Real World.

However, we wish to bring Battalion to power once more, with as many members as possible to counter the enemy empires which wish to oppress and radicalise!

Ultimately, every human has a role to play. Battalion members appreciate any help, whether you're at the front lines with your Jackhammer, manning a turret, or providing medical aid and repairs, you're still a valued member!


We believe in strength in numbers, and we need YOU in order to help become a powerful whole. Don't pass up this opportunity to join potentially the most tactical outfit of the New Conglomerate!

Work your way up the ranks to increase your recognition:

- Commanding General

- Second-in-Command

- Captain

- Lieutenant

- Cadet

- Sergeant

- Corporal

- Private

Cadet is the most respected non-officer rank. Promotions are dynamic and members are frequently assessed by the officers.

Join today! See a Battalion officer or visit the website at

We look forward to your participation!

Players should request a tryout from one of our active members.