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Shotgun Shell

Used by Mag-Scatter, Sweeper, Jackhammer
Empire Common Pool
Inventory dimensions 3x3
Quantity per pack 16 shells

Shotgun Shell

Shotgun Shells are, as the name indicates, the ammunition used by Shotguns. A Shotgun Shell contains multiple small pellets that, when fired, are fired at the target. Because these pellets spread out after being fired, it is important to be as close to the target as possible, as to minimize the amount of pellets missing their target. Due to this, Shotguns are used primarily indoors and in other close combat fights, as they are very ineffective at anything beyond close proximity.

The Standard Shotgun Shells are best against non-armored targets, and will do minimum damage to anything that has more armor than a Reinforced Exo-Suit. In those circumstances, Armor Piercing Shotgun Shells are suggested.

Because Shotgun Shells are only used in small arms, they can penetrate the shields of a BattleFrame Robotic.