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Martial Law

The Martial Law (or Marshal Law) is an April Fool's Day inspired event that took place from April 1, 2006 through April 7, 2006.


The war for control over the Auraxis warpgate system continues to move forward. The reserve forces that each empire has put out a call for are quickly making their way into the sanctuaries and into action.

The Core Scientist Council made up of scientists from the three councils, has a different view on the situation at hand. The theory is that when they breached the barriers, these reinforcements rode in on a western wind stream that exposed the core to dangerous corrosion and warped it backwards to unknown realms of technology.

Martial Law has been declared on the island of Desolation. As a lone tumbleweed rolls across the terrain, soldiers continue the battle but with limited and somewhat ancient resources.

After further research, the scientists have uncovered more about the ancient technology.

  • The only side arms available are 6 Shooters, Long Rifles, Single Shot-Shotguns, and Dynamite.
  • Armor is limited to the Standard ExoSuit
  • The only vehicle ponies found to be available are wraiths and the available wagons are AMS (only for those certified), and ANT.
  • Strange aerodynamic hat replaces the normal headgear for everyone. Also, soldiers who are battle rank 24+ are able to swap out their hats for various versions.
  • There's no access to support equipment except for Nano Dispenser and Med Kits.