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Type Heavy Transport
Role Heavy Troop Transport
Certification Required Ground Transport
Empire Vanu Sovereignty
Primary Weapons 2 75mm Tank Cannons, 2 Flux Cannons
Secondary Weapon 2 side Ballguns
Ammunition Used Lightning Shell, Flux Battery, and Rotary Chaingun Bullets
Occupants 11 (Driver, 6 Gunners, 2 Infantry Passengers and 2 MAX Passengers)
Handling Poor
Top speed 58 kph
Special Features Driver EMP weapon, can pass through Shield Module defenses.


The Leviathan is the Vanu Sovereignty's heavy troop transport vehicle. It features 2 75mm and 2 Flux Cannons on the top and 2 Ballguns on the side. The Leviathan can pass through enemy Shield Module defenses.

The Flux Cannons are different than that fired from the Thresher in that the projectile speed is significantly faster, but the damage is slightly reduced and has no splash damage. They are best used against enemy vehicles and aircraft, not infantry.

The driver can wear up to Reinforced Exo-Suit armor. The driver also has access to an EMP blast (default key: "b"). The capacitor must recharge before it can be fired again. The capacitor status is shown on the HUD bar. The driver can also activate the vehicle horn (default key: "f").

The side Ballguns have a limited view, but if the user has the Darklight Implant, he/she can see cloaked enemies at a longer range than normal, providing excellent side defense.