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An Afterburner is a secondary booster system fitted to most aircraft to provide a short burst of extra speed in emergencies.

The Afterburner runs off a reserve energy cell, shown on the HUD next to the Health and Armor bars. Once activated (Default: SPACE BAR), the aircraft's speed is increased by around 25%, until the cell is depleted. The cell will recharge over time when the Afterburner is not in use.

This speed boost is typically enough to escape most ground-based threats, although most air-based foes are similarly equipped.

Afterburners are equipped in:

(Note: The Liberator does NOT have an Afterburner system. Instead, SPACE will give the pilot a belly-camera view of the ground below, to aid in setting up bomb runs. To compensate, the Liberator does have a fairly powerful 25mm Chaingun in the tail.)