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Remote Electronics Kit

Certification Required None
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Hack
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition -
Range 5m
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 3 (Pistol Holster)
Magazine Capacity -
Zoom None

Remote Electronics Kit (REK)

The Remote Electronics Kit (REK) is used to hack enemy terminals and equipment to allow friendly use, upgrade facilities and equipment with enhanced protection and to remove viruses. The tool may be equipped and used by anyone, but its usefulness increases with each level of the Hacking certification tree.

You can identify what level of Hacking a player has, by the color of the beam that their REK emits, and the color of the REK symbol that appears above the players head when they have the REK equipped. These colors are listed below under their respective Hacking level.

No Hacking Certification:

The REK of a non-certified hacker (or "Granny" Hacker) emits a yellow beam.

Hacking Certification:

The REK of a regular Hacker emits a red beam.

Advanced Hacking Certification:

The REK of an Advanced Hacker emits a purple beam.

Expert Hacking Certification:

The REK of an Expert Hacker emits a blue beam.

The effects of hacking are temporary in all cases except the Control Console, Enemy Vehicles, and Enemy One-Manned Field Turrets.