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Module Building

Module Buildings can be found in each of the 6 Core Combat Caverns. There are 2 Module Buildings in each cavern.

The Module Building features:

Module Buildings are the buildings were you can get Modules that give benefits for the surface facilities after the Module has been installed in the Facility's Module Cradle. Each module building spawns 2 modules at a time, located in the module cradles near the two Teleporters. The modules availible at the building rotate every 15 minutes and can be predicted by noting the cave timer on the other caves on the Interstellar Map. Both module buildings in each cave have the same two modules available at any given time. In order to take a module from the cradle, your empire must own the building. For the module to be installed on the surface, it must first be charged in the core beam in the Core Complex.

See Modules for more information about their Benefits.