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Sphere of Influence

A Sphere of Influence radiates invisibly out from the center of each facility and tower on a continent or cavern. Technically, the Sphere of Influence is a cylindrical shape, extending from the ground to the flight ceiling. On your map, each SOI is color coded Red, Blue, or Purple for each Empire that controls it, or green for neutrality.

This area's main function is as a location for generating Experience Point rewards. Anyone within the SOI for 15min prior to its capture will receive experience points based on the number and activities of combatants within the sphere. If that person is in a squad, the rest of the squad members on the same continent also share in the reward.

Spitfires, Motion Detectors, Aegis Shield Generators, TRAPs, and Cerberus Turrets cannot be deployed in an enemy SOI (though spitfires can if the user has the Assault Engineering Certification). One-Manned Field Turrets can only be deployed in a neutral SOI and the Shadow Turrets can only be deployed within a friendly SOI. SOIs also interfere with the HART shuttle drop pods. All enemy and friendly drop pods must descend outside of this invisible area.

In addition, the SOI can detect and display a warning on your Continent Map if an enemy force of certain size is present. The alert is coded as yellow, orange, or red depending on the size of the enemy presence.

While players are inside a friendly SOI, they will be affected by the benefits that that facility provides, as well as any linked benefits that facility might have. Module benefits that are in place at that facility will also be triggered for players inside its SOI.

Any player may also use the /broadcast channel within a Friendly Base SOI as you would in your Empire's Sanctuary; friendly Tower SOIs do not have /broadcast capability. However, unlike the Sanctuary, this chat only goes to the SOI you are in, and not the entire continent. When your empire captures the entire continent, the /broadcast channel functions as it does in the Sanctuary; it goes to all members of your empire on the continent, regardless of location.

Facility SOI are "x" in diameter. Tower SOI are "y" in diameter.