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Long Forgotten Soldiers


Long Forgotten Soldiers (LFS) (Nov 17 2003) are a well established outfit with a healthy active player base. Players are typically European, although we have a number of North American players too, essentially all are welcome.

We have amassed nearly 1 million Kills, and 6 million Outfit points. We are recognized across the Werner server as an outfit that can respond to support the cause, but at the same time have some fun. LFS are a very social outfit with a yet still being democratic, We are extremely proud about our reputation over the server Werner, we are praised for our events and teamwork.

LFS is basically divided into two half's, On the one side we are the outfit we have always been, a big one, obviously this means lots of randomers. these randomers who do not take part in outfit activities or join our community do not get promoted beyond commando. The special forces ranks and above are the cream of the crop, these are the members who make LFS great by taking part in our events and activities, they are members of our community and work with us as a team.

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