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Bolt Driver

 Rexo wields a
Bolt Driver in Byblos
Rexo wields a Bolt Driver in Byblos

Certification Required Sniping
Empire Common Pool
Primary Mode Single Shot
Secondary Mode -
Ammunition Bolt
Range Visual rendering distance
Inventory Dimensions 3 x 9 (Rifle Holster)
Magazine Capacity 1
Zoom 8x

Bolt Driver

The Bolt Driver is one of the two sniper rifles in the game. Unless crouched, the initial cone of fire is very large, blooming out to nearly the entire screen after a shot or moving even slightly. As such, it is only useful if you can be crouched and stationary and can anticipate your target's location.

The Bolt Driver can "one-shot kill" infantry without armor protection, such as Cloakers or soldiers whose armor has been damaged severely, or characters who aren't at full health. Characters with armor, however, aren't completely safe, as a successful hit will reduce health by more than half and remove a significant amount of armor. Enough so that a second shot will net the kill. (75 points of health per shot vs Agile Exo-Suit, and 65 points vs Reinforced Exo-Suit)

It is little more than a nuisance to MAX's, causing 50 points of damage to their armor (or health when the MAX's armor has been drained), and likely not even noticed by vehicles and Phalanx turrets (unless extremely damaged). The large caliber bolt can, however, pass through BattleFrame Robotics' shields and can do significant damage to internal systems. The Bolt Driver's shot will damage different systems depending on where it is aimed. Aiming for the weapons creates a chance of damaging the BattleFrame Robotics' weapons, the Torso creates a chance of destroying an item in the BattleFrame Robotics' trunk, aiming for the BattleFrame Robotics' legs has a chance of damaging the motion servos, slowing the BattleFrame Robotics. Finally the Shield Generater can be damaged by a single Bolt Driver shot, or disabled by three in quick succesion.