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Guide On How To Drain A Base by

This guide will teach you how to drain a base from 100% NTU. This guide will come in more use if you have the following Certifications\<

  • Reinforced Exo (Rexo - For extra inventory space, it allows you to carry more CE and decims)
  • Engineering and Combat Engineering\<
  • Anti Vehicular
  • Any vehicle cert (For an ANT)\<
  • HA/MA with AP ammo

Not all of the above certs are a must but they will save time, at the least you must have a HA/MA weapon with AP ammo. Below are some tips on what to do before you start draining the base and how to prepare

Choose Your Target

Choose your target wisely, if its a base right in the centre of the map anybody will be able to look at the map and see a drain is going on. For this guide I chose Orisha on Cyssor, its at the very bottom of the map and the continent is huge, it has lots of bases and your not going to notice it that easily. When you get to the base either cap the tower nearest the base or bring an AMS with you, the AMS option is preferd but for this guide I capped the tower. (I was on my own and I don't have the cert) Another tip is to always drain a tech plant, this will give you reavers/MBT's

and skyguards, this will make your assault a little easier
What shall I come in? Drive to the base in an ANT, make sure it has full NTU. When you get to the base park it somewhere safe, the wall turrets will shoot you (This is where engineering will come in handy) so park it where the wall turrets wont be able to hit the ANT. For example, this is where I parked mine (The base is a Technology Plant)
If you have an AMS with you, park it outside the base. Now if you have two people, one with an AMS and one with an ANT, deploy outside the base walls
and place the ANT inside the bubble to cloak it from any enemys. Remember to place CE all around the AMS to kill any passers by.
How does NTU draining work? The way NTU works is like this. The Base uses NTU from the NTU Silo to repair things that have been broken inside the facility. The more you destroy the more NTU the base uses up to repair the broken objects. Things inside the base to destroy include: Equipment terminals, Vehicle Terminals, Wall Turrets, spawn tubes (only destroy two, leave one up) And DAMAGE the generator don't kill it.
The following pictures will give you a step by step walk through on how to drain a base. I took theese screenshots as I went along.
1\) Before you enter the base get on Rexo and fill the layout up with Boomers, Decims/AP and an REK, don't forget the REK. (You can fit another decim in this layout)
2\) Use mines to mine the NTU silo, this will stop enemys ants from getting in and filling up the base.
3\) Once youve done that, start by destroying all of the turrets, it takes about four boomers to kill a turret, so start killing them.
4\) After that start destroying all of the terminals inside the base, this includes medical terminals, equipment terminals, vehicle terminals, air terminals, the lot.
5\) Next you will need to down the tubes, but not all of them. Kill only two spawn tubes. This will keep the spawn tubes down icon away from the map, if you destroy them all the icon will stay there until an enemy comes to repair them. You don't need it. REMEMBER, ONLY KILL TWO SPAWN TUBES.
6\) Now sit back and wait, get on agile and wait for the base to turn green. Remember to keep running around the base and look for any terminals that have repaired themselves and destroy them again
7\) As soon as the base goes neutral, it will turn a light green on the map. Expect the enemy to come now. The continent will now be "Open" for hart droppers and its displayed on the map. Work quickly, hack the CC and jump in your ANT and fill the silo. Get your best rexo layout on and defend the hack. :)
" If the hack gos through, you win! Congratulations, you have drained a base!
\- Place CE around the Silo and underpasses, includeing the roof
\- Remember spitfires are your friend, place spitfire turrets all around the base once it turns neutral
\- Use Rexo for defending the hack, most people will hot drop on the base in agile. Rexo \> Agile
\- When damageing the generator, use about 2 Boomers and One deciminator on it, this will damage it without killing it and placeing the gen down icon on the map
\- If you have Advanced hacking, leave one equipment terminal up (If a tech plant leave the one in the lobby up) Its quicker then going back to the tower/ams for a refill on decims/ce
\- While draining a base by your lonesome may be fun, it's best done with an organized platoon. This will allow you to better defend the hack. Make sure they stay inside and stay still so as not to alert too much of a presence.
-If you have an extra person with a BFR than use it to drain the silo. You can only get it to 40% though. Also don't try to pull out a BFR at the base, you won't be able to equip the NTU siphon. Screenshots and Guide written by JamQ