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Assault Engineering

Type Equipment
Provides Access To * Field Deployment Unit (FDU)
Aegis Shield Generator
One-Manned Field Turret
Disruptor Mine
Ability to place Spitfire Turrets inside Enemy SOIs
* Ammunition Upgrade for the Aegis Shield Generator
Pre-requisite Combat Engineering
Required For -
Cert Point Cost 3

Assault Engineering

The new Assault Engineering is designed for offense, opposed to it's defensive counterpart Fortification Engineering. It has Deployables and Abilities that give Friendly troops protection in the field, as well as more fire power.

Field Deployment Unit (FDU)

This larger version of the Adaptive Construction Engine (ACE) is used to create the Aegis Shield Generator as well as the One-Manned Field Turrets. It takes up the same size as the biggest Rifles do in your inventory. See Field Deployment Unit for more information.

Aegis Shield Generator

The Aegis Shield Generator provides an area for Friendly troops to safely Repair/heal themselves, take cover or refill their ammunition, if upgraded. For more information see Aegis Shield Generator.

One-Manned Field Turret (OMFT)

The One-Manned Field Turret, or OMFT for short, has it's own variant for all three Empires. The New Conglomerate gets the Osprey, the Terran Republic has the Avenger and the Vanu Sovereignty has the Orion. These Turrets are designed to supress the Enemy in the Field, and have weaponry similar to their Anti-Infantry MAX Units. For more information see One-Manned Field Turret, Osprey, Avenger or Orion.

Disruptor Mine

Similar to the High Explosive Mine it detonates when Enemies in range. However, instead of exploding, they emit a small EMP burst, with affects similar to that of a Jammer Grenade or a Commanders EMP. For more information see Disruptor Mine.

Ability to place Spitfire Turrets inside Enemy SOIs

Assault Engineers have the special ability to place Spitfire Turrets inside the SOI of Enemy Facilities and Towers. If used smart, it can keep Enemies locked inside, and allowing Friendliess to push into the courtyard or even the Facility or Tower itself.

Ammunition Upgrade for the Aegis Shield Generator

Assault Engineers can Upgrade Aegis Shield Generators with an Ammunition Supply, allowing friendly Infantry and MAX Units to get ammo. Note that vehicle ammunition and support equipment cannot be obtained. Upgrading works by use of the Nano Dispenser with regular canisters.

Increased Repair Efficiency

Assault Engineers use Armor Canisters more efficiently, resulting in increased repair efficiency for MAXes (1.5x, from 12 to 18), equipment, and vehicles (2x, from 32 to 64) over that of a standard engineer.