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NTU Silo

The NTU Silo is an object in all facility courtyards which stores NTUs for use by the facility's generator.

Advanced Nanite Transports use the NTU Silo as a drop-off point for their load of NTUs. An NTU Silo also has a small light, located on top of a pole attached to the top of the Silo, which displays different colors depending on the facilities current NTU status (Green is Full, or close to full, Yellow is running low, and Red is critical need for more NTUs).

A Status Bar type display is also located on the front of the Silo, informing all units of the facilities current NTU status at a glance.

The BFR NTU Siphon weapon system can be used in front of this silo to charge itself, and drain the base in the process. It can also deposit NTUs back into friendly bases.