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Battle Islands


The name Oshur was once associated with an extremely rough desert continent consisting of the broken bones of an impact crater. The rough badlands and choppy terrain made it relatively easy to hide fairly large forces in what seemed to be plain view. A giant, unexplained avian skeleton once lay fossilized on the continent, giving rise to lively discussions about the Vanu that were here before.

But a year ago, the event we know as The Bending occurred, ripping apart our reality and spreading the Auraxian continents across a dozen worlds. Oshur was erased or torn asunder, and in its place appeared 4 smaller landmasses we came to call Battle Islands

The Battle Islands have unique vehicle and weapon limitations. Heavy Assault weaponry can not be purchased or used on any of the islands. BFRs and most Technology Plant vehicles can not be purchased or used. The exceptions are the Wasp, Phantasm, and Skyguard, which can be purchased on Desolation and used on any Battle Island. The Thunderer, Aurora, Raider, Galaxy Gunship, and Flail are also prohibited.

This collection of Battle Islands is sometimes refered to as BI.






Amp Stations

Bio Laboratories

Dropship Centers

Technology Plants